Suzuki has been producing some of the best vehicles in the world for over a hundred years, and that’s because they’ve never been afraid to spruce things up a little here and there.

They work with the best materials and use cutting edge technology to ensure their vehicles are always the best on the market.

The Suzuki MT-37 is one of the best steel bikes you can buy. Suzuki massively improved the braking system on this lightweight, aluminium, road bike, and the new Destination model adds disc brakes and adjustable suspension on the frame. The improved braking system has saved countless buyers from expensive flats on gravel while riding over potholes.

The improved ride quality has not gone unnoticed and this is such a lightweight bike that’s still strong and performs as well as any heavier bikes. A good way to see the full benefits of improved braking systems comes from the Sidewinder Pro 2 disc brake model.

While it may look strange on the outside (the disc brake housing and fork are in the front, and the cover for the chain and cog are on the back), there are no complaints from us and those who have bought them, and it’s also a third of the price of the new KHS Zero Disc.

The Suzuki MT-37 comes only in black with an MSRP of $2,299. It’s available in two flavours, the road model with 700 wheels and ABS, and this one in Plus Dragon, which has a Brooks B17 platform and DT Swiss wheels. The rear brake utilizes Mag Pro Dual-Circuit Brake System.

It has an adjustable preload, which is great for both front and rear riders. The braking power is impressive, and it’s easy to change modes on the fly, just as easy as it is on the 11-speed SRAM Apex system. It’s very seamless to ride with a single front brake while using the rear pawls for assistance. The handling of this bike is fantastic.