Citroën is a French automobile manufacturer and is currently a part of Stellantis.

The firm was founded by an industrialist named André Citroën in the year 1919.

As recent as 1934, the French motor manufacturers introduced their first major step into innovative technology with the release of the Tractor Avant.

It’s reputed as one of the largest carmakers in Europe.

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One of the brand’s recent achievements is the release of the upgraded form of the Citroën C3 Aircross that was released earlier this year in 2020.

The upgrade of the safety systems and engine, the thickness of the chairs to enhance better comfort all proved that the Citroën company are adept at making the necessary and best upgrades.

With the inclusion of a new 9 touch screen on the dashboard, which featured Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity that would aid the driver in answering calls while being focused on the road with hands on the wheel, navigate and take calls, it’s safe to say that Citroën is another leading choice of automobile that everyone should have.